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Aplite House sits within a two hundred acre private property of secluded forest, on the spectacular east coast of Tasmania at Friendly Beaches, midway between Bicheno and Coles Bay. The property fringes the world renowned Freycinet National Park. Aplite provides a private home base, well positioned for exploring this spectacular region of Tasmania.

While at the house, you will experience views over Moulting Lagoon conservation area, it's a very relaxing and tranquil environment. The property surrounding Aplite House is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna including orchids, Tasmanian devils, wombats, possums, wallabies, quolls and wedge tail eagles, many of which you may spot from the house windows.

Nearby is the pristine Friendly Beaches stretching nearly eight kilometers in length, yet most times when you step foot on the sand, it feels like you have the entire beach to yourself. 

Aplite House is a sanctuary in the heart of one of Australia's most iconic landscapes. While enjoying the seclusion and privacy of the property, it is within easy reach to explore Coles Bay, the Wineglass Bay hiking trail, Honeymoon Bay, Cape Tourville Lighthouse, Bicheno Blowhole, Freycinet National Park, Douglas Apsley National Park and East Coast vineyards, along with the many other activities and locations the region offers.

The house is architecturally designed by Stephen Geason. We approached Stephen because of his appreciation for Tasmania and in particular the Freycinet region. The brief was to design a solar passive, site specific home to be used for self-catering luxury eco accommodation. The house needed to contain multiple spaces for relaxing, and be constructed using Tasmanian materials, where possible. 

Stephen first visited the property prior to any site preparation, whereby we walked over the entire property to get a feel for our vision of the project. When the site was selected, the architectural design process began and with extensive inclusive discussions with us, over 18 months a plan to build was created, which superbly captured our dream for our guest home. 

We built Aplite over a five years and now enjoy managing every aspect of the accommodation offering and property. While building it was very important to us to use Tasmanian materials extensively. There has been a very deliberate and considered effort, to present Tasmania in every way possible in the house, you will notice the attention to detail throughout. This includes the hand built furniture, most of which has been made from the timber sourced from a single tree. 

At the house you'll discover a continually growing collection of Tasmanian art, which is constantly rotated. It includes paintings, photography, ceramics, glass work, print making, origami and sculpture.

Aplite House has a minimal global footprint. However, there has been no compromise for comfort in achieving this environmentally friendly house.

We have a huge appreciation for Tasmania and are passionate about the Freycinet region and this extremely special property. Our goal is to translate this into memorable experiences for those who spend time at Aplite House.

We hope you enjoy your stay.
Tamzen & Sam

Aplite House, Luxury Eco Accommodation Coles Bay
Aplite House Tourism Accreditation
Aplite House Tourism Accreditation
Aplite House Tourism Acreditation

Ian Jeanneret

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